Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Still waiting...

Well I'm not going to rant, but I'm also not going to make any birth announcements either.

We (mostly I) am STILL. PREGNANT.

Tomorrow I'm heading in for a little poking and prodding, in the hopes of getting something moving. It was supposed to be today, but another client at the practice beat me to labour. Our midwives have a fairly large catchment area, part of the fun of living in the sticks. They have hospital privileges at 2 hospitals, one which is a respectable 25 minutes away (where Griffin was born) and another which is a less respectable (especially in labour!) 75 minutes away. They were headed off to the 75 minute away one this evening, and had the scheduled poking and prodding been successful, I also would have had to head to said hospital if I wanted them to deliver my baby, or to the closer one where an OB would deliver the baby.

Neither of these options involve a $150.00 birthing tub (that we've already purchased) in my living room, which is where I am planning (hoping!) to eventually pop this kid out.

So we decided to reschedule.

And in the mean time, we wait. And watch The Hangover. I haven't got around to watching my weepy movie, but thought it may be more fun to try and laugh the baby out instead!

Good times, people, good times!


Laura Lee said...

What an excellent way for a baby to join the world, laughing them out!! I'm thinkin about ya... crossing fingers and toes. Hope the birthing tub works out, that's what I was hoping to do myself (before the divorce!) let us know how it goes! I guess if we don't hear from you in a few days it's cuz the hospital wouldn't let you get online!!!

Lara said...

No word in days. Hope baby made a safe arrival! Can't wait to hear!