Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Random: I'm back.

Being away from the computer for a few days has left me with a random bag o' things to share. So apologies for the randomness, but hey, I'm back!

Carpet! Our basement has carpet! Last night I went to go downstairs just before bed and didn't turn the stair lights on. When I took that first step and landed on something cushy, I jumped back, scared that I had stepped on the dog or something. That's when I remembered the carpet. It's oh so soft and cushy under my feet (well, as soft and cushy as $1.59/square foot carpet can only be) and SO much nicer than subfoor. Wanna see? Here's the view from the top of the stairs:
You know what else carpet is good for, aside from making my feet happy? Tummy time. Or, "make Corben cry time." Luckily I caught him before he pitched his tummy fit.Wouldja look at those eyes? Too cute. But that scalp of his...nasty. Poor kid has the flakiest head I've ever seen. I oiled him down today, it helped a bit. (Hehe...funny story - I did it earlier in the day, when Griffin wasn't home. I had poured the oil into a plastic cup that Griffin sometimes uses. Griffin came home from school, saw the cup, assumed (wrongly!) that it was for him, and took a big old swig of olive oil. Speaking of pitching a fit...the kid was traumatized. I had to giggle. (Is that bad?) Safe to say that G will be checking what's in cups from now on.)

So now that we have carpet, the basement is on it's way to getting back to normal. Every toy in the house has been moved to the new playroom. The new playroom currently consists of....well...every toy in the house. And a bed slash couchy daybeddy thing. And if the bed is in the basement, that means it's NOT in my sewing room, and that means LOOK OUT SEWING ROOM, you're next!!


Speaking of my sewing room, I'm feeling sew frustrated right now. I have promised myself that I won't start any new projects until the room is clean. And I want to CLEAN it, like go through my stash, get rid of the crap, maybe move the furniture around a bit, make my cutting table smaller, and so on, so that the room really functions well for me. I have a stack of projects I want to get started on: some fun, bright pillows for the playroom and a cover for the bed in the playroom; I have fabric for a quilt for Corben ready to go (and fabric I bought two years ago to make a quilt for Griffin!) I have a fun quilt top that I threw together last week that needs a back. A little pink quilt that needs binding. A playmat for Corben. Some spring pillows for the living room. Oh, and there's always that quilt for my brother's wedding...which will be marking it's 4th anniversary this summer!


Any day that involved me getting dressed up, in much more than jeans and a t-shirt is stressful. My body is still unfamiliar to me, and doesn't fit into much. My boobs are unrecognizable. There is precious little in my closet that makes me happy. Plus, I'm always thinking about dressing so that I can breastfeed easily. I like to dress so the girls are accessible, but so that the whole world doesn't get a full frontal view when I feed. This means layering. Lots of layering. So when I realized today that I was going to a fancy event in two weeks from now, I had a mini panic attack. Not only is it a big event, it's a freaking FASHION SHOW. Have you ever tried to figure out what to wear to a fashion show?? Where people are all, like, fashionable??

Stressful, I'm telling you.

Then again, who am I kidding. I'll be wearing my favourite fashion accessory, nobody will be looking at what the hell I'm wearing on my body: **************************************

Spring. It's coming. Look:*******************************************

And lastly, but not leastly, in this pile of randomness, I leave you with these: Poor Dudley has really been getting the shaft around here, especially because there's nowhere comfortable for him to sleep:

What a freakin' life!


mom said...

Niiiiice carpet! Wouldn't Dudley be so much more comfortable if he was covered with a blankie ;)

Terri-Ann said...

It was fun to bounce around on your blog. I agree that it's nice to read a blog of someone local - the others I peek in on are either not faithfully written (once or two entries a month), friends who live far away, or writers I've never personally met. I have no idea where you might know my husband from. He spent most of his years in London, Ontario, if that has any significance to you... see you next week!