Sunday, March 28, 2010


My computer is in the shop. BIG problem.

I've hijacked Steve's mac for now...

But tomorrow he goes to work, and I'm stuck here without a computer. Or an iphone (not that I can do much on that damn thing. Ask me how much I hate the iphone touch keyboard...go ahead, just ASK me!)

Maybe the laundry will actually get folded.

Or, maybe the guy coming to put in the carpet (!!!) tomorrow will be done super fast, and I can just go and hang out on my new carpet (!!!) all afternoon. Move stuff around. Organize. All that stuff I love to do! (And I mean that.)

You know, this actually may be a good thing.

Anywho. Miss me.


Anonymous said...

I would go CRAZY without a computer. My husband dared me to a week without Facebook... I managed, but it was a bad week.

Gretel said...

I hate the iphone touch keyboard too - biggest reason I keep refusing to give up the bb for an iphone!