Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pretty Please Wouldja?

Oh, hello friends!

I have something special for you - this is a directly plagiarized post (is it plagiarized is you stole it word for word, like copied and pasted...but with permission?) from Burgh Baby, and Burgh Baby's Mom. There are so many of your comments that I'd love to respond to...but I can't...

Read on...

Public Service Announcement 1.06: Blogger Reply Emails

You know how when you get an email notification of a comment on a Blogger post the from email address sometimes says "noreply" instead of the person's actual email address? Don't you hate that? I mean, wouldn't it be nice if you could just click reply on that email and let the person that left the comment know just how funny they are? You can, if the commenter takes a moment and sets up their email address in their Blogger Profile.

I am hereby ordering all of you fellow Blogger users to do the following steps so that I can start replying to you directly when the mood hits me:

1. Log into Blogger.
2. Click Edit Profile directly below your profile picture.
3. In the Privacy section, place a check mark in the Show My Email Address check box.
4. In the Identity section, type your email address.
5. Click Save Profile.

It'll only take a few seconds and it won't hurt at all. Promise.

Also, if you're concerned about getting spam because of these steps, you need not worry. Blogger doesn't post your actual email address in your profile, it just provides a link. Spambots can't see your information.

Why are you still here? Go fix your email already! Thank you!

When you're done that, go show the Burgh some love...she's busy vomiting up her lunch because she's so freaking nervous about the hockey game tonight. Hockey people...I don't get 'em, but I love 'em none the less!

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Burgh Baby said...

When I'm done mourning, I'll explain this hockey thing to you. :-(