Wednesday, June 02, 2010


My run attempts have been foiled by my children.

Steve is away...this makes things infinitely harder. Today, Corben's afternoon nap was my chance. 6 minutes in (to his nap, and my run) the baby monitor starts howling. Thus ends the nap. And the run.

So I was going to try again after the boys went to bed.

Well, that took FOR-EV-AH...and I fell asleep too. GAH!

And now it's after 10pm, and the only thing I'm doing is going straight back to bed.

Ah well, tomorrow is another day. (Another day of single parenthood, but another day none the less!)

In other news, I'm thinking about trying a Raw Food diet. Maybe a "Raw till Dinnertime" version. Anyone have any experience with this? Tips?


Anonymous said...

In the last issue of Mothering Magazine, they had a whole article on raw food. It seems like such a hassle to prepare...

It had some recipes in it and I tried Raw Choconana Pudding... Amazing! I'll be posting the recipe soon.

Good luck with your running, and your possible raw food diet.

Lara said...

All this dieting stuff is so complicated!! I don't know about raw, I would think it would be hard... and don't really get it.
(wow, this is supportive ;)
I started doing some wii fit exercise and have successfully done two whole days. That's all I know ;)

Good luck!

Colleen said...

Jenn jenn bo benn,
Speaking as a girl who when she first started running could barely stand up on the treadmill and has just this very day run 5K in - drumroll please - 29 mins 24 secs - my personal best - I think you can do it with the runnin'. I'll e-mail you some stuff that helped me.

Finding My Weigh said...

I don't think I could go raw, I like my cooked food too much!

Following you from The Great Canadian Link Exchange. :)

Kim said...

I went raw for a couple months few years ago. I missed meat too much to keep going. Plus, my body hated me. I stopped getting my period the entire time I did it. I did loose a lot of weight, though.

I found a great book that helped ease me into it. I completely forget what it is called, but I have it saved on my other computer somewhere. If I find it I will send it to you.

Good luck

(I'm pretty sure I have commented here before, but if not then I guess I am delurking, haha)