Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Life, in Point Form

Well, I'm back. Sorry for the bloggy silence of late. Here's a little fly-by update on the goings on around these parts:

-Steve was away for the better part of 2 weeks, which throws this house into an unholy state of chaos. Steve and I work REALLY well together as a team to run this house and take care of the kids, but when I'm on my own and missing my team mate, the seams unravel right quickly and a wee shitstorm usually ensues. However, he's back, and once I can manage to clear the couch of all the clothes that I managed to wash last week but not fold (or put away, obviously,) then things will be back to normal.

-We had a wickedly good Father's day. We dropped the wee one off at Grandma and Grandpa's and took the not so wee one to see Toy Story 3. It. Was. Awesome. Nevermind the broken popcorn machine (Hello, Movie Theatre? Broken popcorn machines are NOT COOL!) we had a wicked time anyway.

-On Saturday I managed to get out of the house TWICE, all by myself. A girly night on a deck at a friend's house on Saturday evening produced some of the best laughs that I've had in years, and a summers worth of mosquito bites in one night. (Are the mosquitoes particularly bad this year, or do they just like me extra specially?)

-Saturday morning I went to a Natural Soapmaking Workshop. We've been buying handmade soap for about 5 years now, I refuse to buy the crap in stores anymore. However, I've always wanted to make my own, but was scared of the whole caustic lye business. Now, I'm not scared. Making soap is wicked easy, and I'll never buy a bar of soap again. My soap turned out wonderfully, it's cocoa/peppermint mix, and it smells good enough to eat.
(P.S. I'll be pissed if you actually eat my soap, so don't.)

(P.S.S Dear Family, you're all getting soap for Christmas!)

-Corben is rolling over on a regular basis. Back to front, front to back, he's got it down cold. He'll also lie on his tummy and get his butt wiggling, rocking back and forth. Not quite up on his hands and knees, but making like he's thinking about crawling sometime in the not so distant future. Dear lord, hold me...my baby's going to be moving soon!

-Corben also has a mouth FULL of teeth that are just dying to get out. The trouble is, they ALL seem to want out of those little gums at once! Right now, there's a race happening between the two bottom front teeth, and his lower incisors. I'm rooting for the incisors, they look the most painful, and I think it would be fun to have a little vampire baby for a while!

-My garden looks AMAZING. A few girlfriends and I decided that we were going to go on a weekly rotation of weeding each others gardens. This week it was my turn. The girls came with their kids, the kids ran around, we weeded, ate lunch, weeded some more. We maybe spent two hours in the garden, but with three people, that's 6 hours of weeding, and the garden has never looked better. The kids had a blast. Everyone wins!

-Yesterday I planned a semi-fancy summer solstice dinner. It all went to shit. Steve had to work late. Griffin had the runs and shat himself twice while we were trying to eat. Corben screamed the entire time. Dinner was cold by the time I had everyone sorted out enough to eat, so I gave up. Next time it's warm and sunny, we're having a do-over, this time with more Vodka, just in case.

-With Steve away, I kind of fell off the Creativity Bootcamp wagon. I REALLY want to go back and finish up the last week, but there's too many other things happening at the moment.

-After three weeks of running on a semi consistant basis, I'm finally seeing the scale start to hover towards the "lost 10 pounds" side of things, rather than the "holy postpartum mammarys, batman!" end of things. It feels good to feel this good.

-EXCEPT...with all this feeling good, my body seems to feel it's necessary to remind me that I pushed out a tiny human just a few months ago. Hey body, you can tell the hemorrhoids to take a hike! I won't forget about the tiny human, he's attached to me all day long!

-Tonight is Griffin's end of preschool year concert. I can't wait for the cute!!

I'm sure there's more. But there's also that massive pile of laundry on the couch. And my mother arriving in a few hours. And floors that haven't seen a mop in entirely too long. And. And. And....

I miss you guys. I'm working on that whole "balance" thing again.

Right now, in the name of balance, I'm going to make another pot of coffee, and maybe watch my baby boy sleep for a while.

Life is good.


Terri-Ann said...

So now you are going to run a morning to show us all how to make soap, right? (please?!)

Ginger said...

Making soap! I want to make soap. Or maybe I just want to buy soap that was handmade....