Saturday, August 14, 2010

Just your average Sunday...

It was a regular Sunday morning, when a routine traffic stop informed us of trouble on the way."Dragons" said the blue suit dude, "A whole lot of them."

The fun roundy abouty the tracky ceased immediately, and we started making preparations.

We decided to fortify, it was our only choice. In the end though, while our wall was colourful and pretty, it was a bit shakey, and wasn't likely to hold them off.

Our next best option? Reinforcements. We called 'em.

They came in droves, from toy boxes all over the house, and we ended up with a fairly large army. We decided to concentrate our efforts on the west side...everything nasty around here tends to come from the west.

There were horses and pirates, trusty old Buzz, and even Bo Peep got in on the game, because if there's one thing that females don't do around here, it's shy away from a good fight. (Hell, it might have even been her fault they were coming here in the first place!)
Ever battle needs one dude on steroids to lead the charge.
"Hey Howdy Hey, I'm gonna be in a battle!"
It takes all kinds to win a battle, even the likes of these two: Creep and Creepier, the Dollar Store Dino Duo.
Then this guy showed up...he's what we call a ringer - the guy who tipped the edge from us maybe having a chance at a win, over to we might as well all sit back and let the big guy do all the work.
Except...what the?
Seems someone got hungry while he was waiting for the enemy to show up...

Over on the east side...woah, wait a second, exactly WHAT is happening over here on the east side??!!Lets keep this family friendly, you crazy pieces of plastic!

In the end, the dragons did show up. But they were less of the hoard we were expecting, and more of a lone ranger.

That's right, dragon. Just one. Two headed and fire breathing, but on his own none the less.

Quickly seeing that he was outnumbered about 47 to one, he quickly remembered that age old adage that his mother taught him:

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Which is exactly what he did. We all shook hands, decided to be friends, and adjourned to the porch for a tasty snack of blueberries.

Which goes to show, you should never count on stubby legged conductors as a reliable source.

Later in the day, while Griffin rested off battle weary bones in the basement, the unguarded fortress came to an untimely end:He's cute, but don't let that fool you. This kid eats a mean railroad track!And that, my friends, is how we spent our Sunday.



Kristen said...

Ah Jenn, you crack me up!

Marianne said...

So funny Jenn!

Maria @BOREDmommy said...

CUTE! We have almost every one of toys too! We always end up creating these huge/messy storylines too - I kind of love it, because their imagination right now is funny and so creative. Good times.

Gretel said...

tee hee! AWESOME!

Veronica said...

This just cracked me up. I think I needed that this morning!

Regina said...

Awesomely familiar! Add in a magnetic alphabet avalanche and a few hard working machines to dig it out, and subtract the track eating monster, and it could be my own living room!