Saturday, August 21, 2010

No need to cry...

Well folks, it's sad but true, but we're going to be away from this little space for a few days. Actually, we're going to be away, and then back, and then away, and then back, so to keep things lively while I'm gone I've gone and done something CRAZY.

Guests! Can you believe it? I'm so terribly excited that I've got a pile of posts lined up for you. So be nice to my guests, would you please? Play nice while I'm gone. (And don't get too used to this daily posting business, mmmkay?)

And if I don't come back, it's quite possible that I've been devoured by a man-eating pumpkin plant, who I'm sure will get up to all kinds of no good while I'm away.

(Dear Pumpkin, Lawnmower Dave is watching keep yourself in line, he has a Lawnmower, and isn't afraid to use it on pumpkins!)

And just so you don't get all baby lonely, I leave you with this:Be good, my friends!


Gretel said...

OK guys...she's gone...LET'S PARTY!

Kristen Fry said...

Gretel: You are funny! I hear there's an empty house in Toronto that would make a good party pad! Meet you there, bring your credit card!