Thursday, August 19, 2010

How does your garden grow?

I've been feeling a little bit ick lately. Like there's something trying to invade my body. On Wednesday morning for the first time, I quit half way through my run, because cleaning barf off the elliptical wasn't something I felt like doing that day. I sucked it up, and we spent the morning at the beach with some friends, which was awesome. But last night we had the most craptacular sleep EVER, and today I feel like arse again.

So instead of my complaining and moaning, I leave you with these:

This is my garden, trying, and succeeding quite well, at escaping it's fence.Fence, what fence? You can hardly SEE the damn fence anymore!

These pumpkin/squash vines are going to need their own damn postal code soon...they're out of control!
But...a peek under some leaves, and look what they're making. (Except with all these vines, I have only found 2 pumpkins. Two. Lame.)
Squash. We are going to be up to our eyeballs in squash. I hope y'all like squash!
The potato plants have been taken over by potato bugs, so I'm hauling them out. Potato bugs bad. But fresh spuds, right out of the ground? GOOOOD!
And...we are STILL getting strawberries. Apparently I bought ever-bearing strawberry plants, which I didn't even know existed. Every few days we find another one or two, and Griffin gets a little treat. Except today Griffin wasn't home...
And Mama got a little treat instead!
Dirty fingers, covered with strawberry juices. Life is good.


Jo said...

your garden looks awesome! you inspire me, we grew our first veggies this year....

Liquid Rubber Videos said...

What an impressive post is this one...