Monday, October 25, 2010

How To Train Your Pumpkin

-The dog is on the mend...thank goodness. I think he heard my threats. (They WERE kind of loud!)

-Yesterday I bought a world map and hung it in the playroom. I put a nice big red tack where we are, then then showed Griffin where Daddy is right now (Edinburgh) and how he had to fly over an entire ocean to get there. "When Daddy was done flying, did he jump out of the plane with a parachute?" He was thrilled at the idea! "No, the plane landed at an airport and he walked off." "Oh." He was unimpressed, his version of the scenario being FAR more exciting!

-Yes, my son is obsessed with dinosaurs and dragons. But I have to confess, I feul his fire. The dinosaurs and dragons aren't magically appearing here in our house...they arrive here because I know he loves them so much. Yesterday, I spend the entire fricking afternoon making this:
Yes, I am an enabler.

I call it "How to Train your Pumpkin." (It's a Gronkle, from the How to Train your Dragon movie.) One could also call it "How to Train your Mother" if one was trying to be clever.

-In order to create the pumpkin, I printed out a picture of one...Griffin was traumatized to realize that I was going to poke holes in it so I promised I'd print him a new one when we were done. I did, and then I laminated it (with packing tape!) and he's been flying it around the living room ever since. He's asked for a "Toothless" picture as well. I'm thinking about skipping Christmas shopping all together, and just printing up pictures of the toys I WOULD have bought...he's happy, I'm happy, everyone wins!

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Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

That is the most AWESOME pumpkin I've ever seen!