Saturday, October 23, 2010

Woe is me

Steve leaves for far away work, and less than 48 hours after he's left, I'm off to the vet with the dog.

Diagnosis: None...yet. (That'll be $115.00 for a big ol' "I dunno.") He has a fever, so an infection of some kind. Take these antibiotics. Try feeding him some rice and chicken, in an attempt to coax him to eat, since it appears he hasn't done so in 3 days. It could be a virus. It might be his liver.

So now I'm cooking special meals for the dog, hoping that Griffin's sore tummy is only sympathy pains, and hoping to hell that everyone get's their shit sorted out before I head off to Blissdom on Thursday. FIGURE IT OUT, PEOPLE!

Love you all.

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