Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Anniversary to us.

Steve and I celebrated our 5th anniversary this week. Whoot....go us!

Our original plan was to escape for a few days. In October, when Corben went through his cling on phase, we decided that maybe only one night would be OK. So that was the plan, we'd escape for 24 hours to a pretty little spot just less than an hour away for a quiet meal or two, a king sized bed all to ourselves, and a solid night sleep.

Two outta three ain't bad!

Our plans threatened to fall apart at the seams when a few days before we were supposed to go, Grandma (AKA Babysitter Numero Uno) came down with pneumonia. Luckily, my Mom was able to swoop in and save the day.

So we escaped. It was glorious. We ate lingering meals. Shopped. Had a bath in the jacuzzi tub at 3 in the afternoon, and sipped champagne while we soaked. It was civilized, and totally classy. WAS classy, until we went and did this:
Our redneck roots started showing when we went and chilled the champagne in the toilet tank. Oh yes we did. Whatever, it totally did the trick!

The only less than fun part is the part where I woke up at 4am, my boobs ready to EXPLODE from not having a constantly nursing baby at my side. So much for the solid night's sleep, for either of us, since my pump kind of sounds like an offshore oil drill with all the racket it puts up.

We came home Friday morning, to a trio of crank who had not slept all night. Corben gradually got hotter and hotter over Christmas eve. Griffin was sporting more and more of a cough. And thus endeth our blissful 20 hours of relaxation!

And Christmas? Well that's another post all together!

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