Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Me, and the wind.

It's one of those wickedly blustery days here on The Roof. I know how this goes - the wind blows strong and hard all day long. The sound filters in through the weather stripping around the doors that needs to be replaced, and permeates the glass in the windows. It's low, constant rumble makes me feel like there is a freight train just over the horizon, chugging on, slowly yet relentlessly, all day long. It's ferocity means it's too cold to play outside, which is ok, because just the sound of it it enough to make me crank up the fireplace and turn on the kettle. Skip the coffee, it's a tea kind of morning.

At the same time that the sounds of the breeze whipping by makes me want to snuggle up under a warm quilt and read the day away, it also makes me feel unsettled and antsy. There will be no reading the day away with two smalls running around the house. The fact that I'm blogging at 8am is a minor miracle made possible only by a new iPad, and a baby who thought he was ready for the day at 5:30am, but has since changed his mind. But he'll wake again shortly, and be ready to go. And I'll be reluctant. To go, that is, just about anywhere with the wicked wind pounding away outside. It makes strapping children in the car seat difficult and chilling. It makes traveling to and from town messy and slick on the roads. It makes my list of errands that need to be done seem less important than they did last night, when all was still in the great outdoors.

And yet, the list will not go away on it's own...things that need to be done are some of the few things that the wind won't pick up and take with it on it's way by, making it disappear into the next township.

(My cast iron bistro set is one of the few too.)

But today, I think I might be brave. I think its time to conquer the wind, show the gusts who's boss on this here hill. The wind isn't going to go away, but neither are we, so we might as well find a way to get along. We don't need to be bestest buds, but we should at least be able to muster a wave across the fence in the morning.

Nod and smile, top of the morning to you. What are you up to today? Oh, just blowing and gusting around you say? Sounds delightful. Me, I'm going to bundle up the kids and head into town. Going to run a few errands. Buy some groceries, some weather stripping, some more tea. Maybe even a windmill.


Gretel said...

I was going to say to tie weights to your ankles so you don't blow away...but no way you'll fly off with two goobers already hanging on to your ankles! Miss you!

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

We had the wind down here, but not for very long. And only a dusting of snow. I'm beginning to wonder if we will get any big snow this year. Not that I care -- I am not a huge snow fan anyhow.

Burgh Baby said...

Give me cold. Give me snow. Wind, though? YUUUCCCKKK. You can keep that part.

Hope nobody blew away!