Sunday, January 02, 2011

Happy New Year!

The New Year came in VERY low key for us, as we celebrated Christmas part three with my brother and my Mom on New Years Eve. It felt more like another Christmas rather than New Years Eve. Half of the kids were sick, my brother was sick, my Mom was sick, and I was kneeling down and praising the alter of the antibiotic, which in less than 24 hours took me from "the worst pain I've experienced since childbirth" to a semi-human again.

Lesson learned - I don't do ear infections well. Or maybe I do them a bit TOO well.

We've spent the new year so far pretty chill. We're in for a HUGE change here next week, as I'm heading back to work, so it feels like all of our energy and preparations are going into that. I'm cleaning. And looking for a cleaning lady to pass the torch onto. I'm organizing the pants out of everything. And counting down the days where it's cool to drink Baileys in my coffee on a weekday and wear my PJ's till noon.

Things may be a bit quiet around here until we settle into our new groove.

Wishing you all a happy, and healthy New Year!

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Ms. Julia Hale said...

Good luck Jenn - we'll be thinking of you. It was a shock to me to be back to work this week after only two days but by the second day it was old hat. You'll be the same.