Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bye Bye little car

Dear Insurance Man,

You are wrong.

Yes, we had a little accident with our car. And yes our car is "well loved" in the kilometers department. But when say that the "value" of the car is worth less than the repair will cost?

You are wrong.

That car? That car has been with us for almost longer than we've been together. It has sentimental value. It drove us out of the city and to our new home. It brought our adopted dog home all the way from New York. It brought me (cringing and screaming) to the hospital on my last day as only a wife, and a day later it brought me, and our first born home from the hospital, my first day as a mother. It's been all over the damn country with us, from weddings to funerals to births to deaths. It's been through a lot with us.

Not only that? That car is PAID OFF. I'm so glad we got to enjoy it's paid-offedness for ONE FREAKING MONTH before you declared that our car had no value. A paid off car? Has a PANTLOAD of value, you ass.

So the next time, before you go and declare something to be of no value, you should think that maybe there is more to value than just dollars and cents. I know, that's not really your job, but when the estimate repair cost is SO EFFING CLOSE to the estimated value, maybe next time you could wiggle that number up a little bit in the favour of the car. And, in the favour of the people who worked hard to PAY OFF that car, and who are going to miss that little car when she's gone.

So long, little Ally Cat. We'll miss you.


Burgh Baby said...

I am so sorry about the total loss of your little friend. Hopefully you will find an even better friend to fill the void. ;-)

Gretel said...

I know I'm supposed to be looking at your shiny new car and your glowing "I'm in love with my guy and my new car" look - but really, I'm looking at my house in the background and barely remembering that time before the blue paint and the yellow sun went on the porch! Love you - sucks about the car... I totally get it!