Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hello, spring!

Hello poor neglected blog! (This is what happens when husband and I both work full time, and both run businesses on the side as well. Oh, plus the children!)

We've had a busy few weeks around here, the "real" job is busy, soap business is picking up, and getting ready for a few big spring shows, Steve is doing a whole buncha buncha shows on top of it all. We smashed our car up about two weeks ago now, and haven't even had time to go get a new one! (Maybe tomorrow...) I've been taking a crap load pictures, and not even having time to post them. So I thought that before y'all go and forget what we look like, I best fill you in.

The G. Every time I turn around and look at him, he's wearing pants that are too short. No matter how many pairs of pants I take out of the "these are bigger" bin, it seems I'm putting them in the "save for flood" box days later. Griffin has been having a few health issues lately, ones that have my Mama Bear fur all a quiver. Luckily we have a calm and rational Papa Bear around here! We're in the midst of trying to get things figured out...and will leave you with that little cryptic tidbit! (Yesterday we dug a hole...we'll show you why later!) (More cryptic!)

Speaking of pants being too short, and then there is Corben. Corben is smart as a whip, fast as a horse (being whipped) and has a smile that will knock you dead. And a mullet that rivals any I've ever seen round these parts. When in Rome, right?
Things are ticking along quite nicely here these days. We are OVER-FREAKING-JOYED to finally see the ass end of winter and welcome back the sunshine, the gardens and the lawn. (The winter's worth of dog shit on the lawn I could do without.) We had our first porch dinner last night (amid the humming buzz of the bajillions of cluster flies that are slowly waking up.) We came in from dinner, had a bath, and the boys took about 17.8 seconds to fall asleep. Thank you, fresh air and sunshine.

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