Thursday, May 19, 2011

Blogger's Block

I used to be able to write. Now I write draft after draft that sucks eighteen shades of suck.

But what I do have is cute kids. And a good camera.

So lets just stick to that for now, and pretend that I can still write, but I just don't have time. Yeah, lets go with that, shall we?(I also have a new picnic table...isn't it pritty? Happy Mother's day to me!)


Mom said...

I think the writing will come back when you get your own (free) time back.

Mom said...

I can still remember our first picnic table, an octagon, and it was a mothers' day present too. You and Paul were sitting at it with a sign that said Happy Mothers Day. Many happy memories of times around the picnic table but it was always in the way for cutting the grass. That was its demise I think - tipped on its side so often that it finally fell apart.