Monday, May 23, 2011

May Long Weekend: Check.

It's the end of a busy (long) weekend here, and the weekend turned out to be nothing like I expected.

Our Saturday plans got switched to Friday and then got canceled all together, which left Steve and I with six racks of ribs, and only us to eat them.

Oh, the hardships I endure.

Saturday came with an unexpected burst of energy to do a few much needed things, and the rest was spent relaxing. Like hardcore, naps on the porch in the hammock relaxing. We spent Saturday evening with the parents of one of Griffin's friends - the kids have spent a ton of time together, but we've never hung out and it was just delightful.

Sunday we toddled into the big city for a wedding (OK, there was no toddling, there was running around all hairy scary for three hours, trying to pack the seemingly ENDLESS amount of things that one needs to stay overnight in someone else's house with a 4 year old and a 16 month old in tow, plus spend the following day at an amusement park while Daddy works, PLUS fancy shoes and dresses and too many choices of really sucks that by the time kids are big enough to carry their own darn stuff that they hardly need anything anymore. Dang.)

But the wedding: the wedding was about 18 times more fun than I thought it would be. My family is ALWAYS in the mood for a good party, but this time everyone was particularly jovial, aided perhaps by the fact that no one had to drive anywhere at the end of the night, and both Steve and I and my brother and his wife were out! At night! Without the children! It turned into a pretty rocking party, there even might have been some shots at the end of the's been a long time since I've ponied up to a bar with a row of shot glassed lined up in front of me...and it's probably best if there is equally as long until it happens again.

Today we headed to Ontario Place (where we've often been before) to hang out while Daddy worked. We parked ourselves inside a big tent to watch Daddy's big show, and while we enjoyed the show inside, our stroller "enjoyed" one of the heaviest downpours I've seen all season. Awesome. Despite a wet stroller and a rather traumatic rollercoaster experience, we had a lovely day.

When we arrived home, I decided to seize the proverbial bull by the horns, and did something I'd been mulling over for a bit. You see, last night while Steve and I were out witnessing a sacred union drinking, Corben was put to bed all by his lonesome in his playpen. He squawked once, and then fell asleep, not to be heard from again, until SEVEN FREAKING THIRTY this morning, more than half an hour after I had been up. So - bull, horns, push crib away from our bed, bye bye co-sleeper, hello Corbie's own bed.

He's asleep in there now, after a bit of a fit. There was screaming and head banging, and general baby obscenities, where he's just crying and babbling, but you know if you could understand what he was saying, it would have been enough to made a sailor blush.

If I thought for a moment that Corbie would never sleep in the bed with us again, I might take a minute and get a bit verklempt about saying goodbye to the co-sleeper, but I know there will be MANY more opportunities for little feet in my kidneys and little knees in my back. I mean really, do kid EVER really stop crawling into bed with their parents? I do love snuggling up with that little monkey at night, but I have no illusions that it's really over, so I'll save the verklempt for another day...I'm also certain that there will be lots of other opportunities for that. (Steve said last night "can you imagine us being at Griffin or Corben's wedding?" and I practically burst into tears in the middle of my sirloin.)

So now it's 10pm, on the last day of the first long weekend of the summer, and I would like to officially declare this weekend to be a resounding success. The boys were great, the weather was awesome, the drinks were plentiful, and the general company was delightful. I'm hopeful that this bodes well for an excellent summer to come. (Hopefully next long weekend I remember the camera...lame.)


Gretel @ Fancy Pants Kids said...

Yay! I had a great long weekend too!

Kater said...

CanNOT believe you forgot the camera. Mucho excellent post. Miss you v much. Can't wait to see you soon!Oh and the verification word is "hyper" which I think is very suitable.

Mommy Moment said...

YAY!! Sounds like so much fun! We had a full weekend of fun too, but I'm secretly excited for next weekend as it's a weekend away with just hubby to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary!


Capital Mom said...

You had me at napping in the hammock. That is a good weekend right there.