Monday, September 05, 2011

Dear Griffin: Five

Dear Griffin,

Five. You are five.

So far, five is awesome. You, at five, are awesome.

It's like you've found a new sense of responsibility. You're a "big guy" now, and you will fully rise to the challenge I think. (Except, no, you are not "almost ready to drink boozy juice" now that you're five.)

I think this shift is coming from a little bit of well deserved confidence...but 50% of it comes from confidence in yourself, and the rest of it comes from US having confidence in you.

It's time for us to let you fly a little bit, my young Jedi. I think you're rock the Senior Kindergarten house this year, you've changed so much from the dude we put on the school bus for JK last year. You're so ready to soak it all in, and my wish for you is to find the joys in friends, and learning, and the responsibility of being a "big guy." You've got the big brother gig down pat (provided no one is touching your stuff) so this should be a piece of cake.

Five, and Senior Kindergarten.

May the force be with you, little man.

(P.S. Lightsabre birthday cupcakes? That's right, you can send in that Mother of the Year Nomination now.)


Laura Lee said...

are you kidding?!? light sabre candles - awesome! yay mom!

Gretel said...

Happy G's b'day, Jenn! 5 is awesome.