Monday, October 03, 2011

Riding the rollercoaster

Hello Blog. Or, shall I call you Blah-g. Because you are, kind of blah-g these days.

Or, is that me.


Things are happening around here. If you asked me what things, I'd probably have a tough time coming up with 10 things I've ACTUALLY accomplished since I last posted here almost a freaking MONTH ago, other than polishing off a few bottles of vodka and making some soap.

I have been making a lot of soap lately, that's true.

And then there are the children.

Holy heck, these little gaffers sure do take a lot of energy, don't they?

Griffin had a bit of a rough start to the school year, getting sent to the office THREE times in the first week.


He has since learned a few new important phrases - "Please stop, I don't like that" and "Please leave me alone, I need some space," which he is to use instead of his little hitty fists and kicky feet.


Corben, on the other hand, is hurtling towards two at lightening fast speed. (This describes it all perfectly.) I did something I've never done before with him over the weekend...I left a wedding. Mid coctail party, not even at dinner yet, I picked him up, shoved him into his coat (kicking and screaming,) and walked out the door, leaving Steve and Griffin to fend for themselves.

He didn't want to be held. He just wanted to run. And I mean of course he did, he's nearly two. But he was running in and out of people, zipping between grown-up's legs, all over the room. And I was chasing him. Zipping through a crowd like that is one thing when you're cute and toddler-y, but when you're 35 and a stranger to everyone in the room but the bride and groom, it's less cute.

The LAST time I put him down that evening, I turned my back for 0.0076 seconds, and he was off like lightening. 5 steps ahead of me, he ran straight for the punch table, grabbed a wine glass off the table as he continued his sprint by, ran straight into the middle of the dance floor, and hurled the glass down into a crowd of 15 people, smashing it to 34 bajillion pieces.

And then promptly tried to escape in the other direction.

So there I am, one hand on the back of his shirt, trying to keep him from running in the opposite direction, or worse, back into the mosh pit of broken glass, and with the other hand, wildly gesturing at Steve to COME. GET. THE CHILD.

All of this, of course, while remembering to smile, because I didn't know a darn one of these people, and was likely going to have to eat dinner with at least a half dozen of them.

Oy vey.

*Exhale again*

After that, I was done with Corben, he was done with me (and more specifically, being held by me) and I knew I was fighting a loosing battle, so I hit the high road, and on the plus side, ended up spending a lovely evening with my friend Julia, watching Corben and Diego chase each other around in a fully child proof environment. Bliss.

SO, other than all that soap stuff, and all that kid stuff, there is seemingly eighty nine bajillion other things that need to get done in a week, and it seems like it never ends.

Someone, please tell me that I'll be bored one day. I look forward to that!

I'll be back. Hopefully sooner than 4 weeks from now. Thanks for hanging in...that is, if there's anyone still here!



Terri-Ann said...

Still here. And holy guacamole, our kids are exactly the same! Benjamin is Corben's twin. I could just cut and paste those paragraphs and find and replace Corben with Benjamin. So in all your ire, remember I'm right with ya!

And Caleb is in JK, and the teacher has green smily faces next to their names on the board, that change to yellow and then red when you misbehave. Caleb's is yellow almost every day. And very few other kids get turned from green. Luckily Caleb doesn't care yet, but he will soon, and I'm not sure I like this system one bit!

So in the midst of all the chaos, just remember that one day when our boys are teenagers, our friends will be dealing with the rip-roaring hormones of teenage girls, and we will just sit back and laugh. {insert maniacal laugh here}

Kendra said...

Oh buddy! Hang in there, raise a few glasses to survival this weekend!

Gretel said...

me. I'm still here. Sorry about the wedding. When they are like that, I'm really into the 'let's not bother' mode too. How much do we really need to be remembered for our kids' obnoxious behavior anyway?