Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bye-bye 'tuff*

Since discovering our dream property a week ago, and partially because we've been off work with little to do but sit around and talk and dream, there has been a lot of just that - talking and dreaming about what our future might hold.

And since we are opening ourselves up to the possibility that our dream come true might be just around the corner, we have been going about my days with a sense of purpose. We've been researching, educating ourselves, learning new things.

We (or more specifically, I) have also been saying goodbye to old things.

Yes, there is a massive purge in progress here, people.

I've been starting slow - cleaning - going through cupboards and closets.  Every thing I pick up, I've been looking closely at.

I ask myself - When I move into my dream home, would I want to take this with me? 

And if the answer is no?  Sianora, stuff.

Because really, at the end of the day, if I don't want it in my dream home,why would I want it in this one?  If it isn't serving a purpose, making my life better in some way, then why is it here?  Now don't get me wrong...I'm not going totally bonkers crazy.  Like the bed that we currently own will NOT be coming with me anywhere past these doors, but sleeping on the floor would suck (only slightly) more than my current mattress, so it gets to stay.  For now.

It looks better in here already.  There is a pile of stuff at the back door that will likely make someone, somewhere, very happy.

And I am making me very happy too.

And that?  Is a good thing.

(* Imagine the post title coming from the cutest little two year old you've ever seen, in his sing song two year old voice, that likes to say bye-bye to just about everything in the room when he leaves it.  Or everything in the car as he drives past it.  It's one of the 239873 things that is adorable about Corben right now.)

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