Sunday, January 22, 2012


You know when you decide to be good and you decide to finally write a post for your blog and then you decide to click over to another tab in the middle of writing your post and then when you decide to click back everything that you had spent time writing and being clever about and pouring your soul out about (ok, not really, but I'm going for the drama) has dissapeared, and then you just get so mad and thrown up your arms and get all like "well that was all creative genius and shit, and I can't go pulling that kind of stuff out of my butt twice in a row to say the same darn thing, that was a one shot deal!" and stuff? Yeah, that.


Ginger said...

:( And I am all missing you because I have sworn off Facebook for the month... :(

Gretel said...

Yeah. I know about that. Ouch. Walk away...just walk away.