Monday, January 23, 2012

So the desire to post is strong, but the desire to be creative is weak.  I have a sick little one, who collapsed on the couch in a heap after his playdate, and 60 minutes later was running a 102.5 degree fever.  Poor monkey.  And I have a two year old...a stereotypical two year old, fulfilling every cliche in the book these days.  Hittypants McThrowy Spit.  Yeah.  I'm waiting to write his "Dear Corben you're two" letter till I like him a little bit more.

Instead of trying to write when it's just not in me, I leave you with these few gems from our fun yesterday.

 (This photo?  Slays me!)
But look, he's OK!

And for today, mes amis, that is all.

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Dana said...

Ahh, sledding! What a blast. Love the pic of you and Corban. What a hoot!