Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Plan D (or is it F? I've lost track)

Well, in typical roof fashion, we've gone and changed the plan.  Again.

After some serious research, and some time spent gathering facts and (dollar) figures, we had to say goodbye to our dream property.  It was sad.  The plain fact was that it's "tucked far away from the road-ness" that was it's crowning joy, was also to be it's largest demise.  We were going to blow 75% of the budget before we even started on the house, just getting services up the driveway, not to mention turning the path in the woods INTO a driveway just to get the service trucks up to the building envelope.

So there.

But now, we've gone and done something TOTALLY crazy.  And so TOTALLY us.

We have put in an offer (and had it accepted) on a barn built in the 1800's in a teeny tiny village just a few minutes north of here.  The barn has been transformed into a house, and a lovely, quirky, eclectic house it is. 

And provided we can sell this house, it's our new home. 

It's going to be big, because it's going to mean new schools, and new daycares, and a smaller house on less property, and a new community.  But the community is nothing short of awesome, and about 90% of the reason we're moving. 

I'm excited, and nervous, and crossing my fingers that someone will come along and love this little Blue House as much as we did when we first walked though the door, almost 7 years ago to the day.

Wish us luck.  And if you know of anyone that wants to buy a beautiful little Blue House in the country, that is full of love (we got married right here in 2006) and happy baby vibes (Corben was born meters away from where we said our "I do's," just 4 years later,) then let us know!

Much love, from The Blue House


Terri-Ann said...

Can I move it closer to Orangeville? I love your house and would snap it up in a heartbeat if James wasn't commuting to downtown Toronto. But I have no doubt whoever picks your house as their new home will love it like you do. It's just one of those houses.

PS - will your new house be painted blue, for the business? :-)

Wendy S said...

Wow! That is so very exciting!!

I hope you can post pictures of the new place as it sounds amazing!