Saturday, March 31, 2012

Crossing fingers and toes

*tap tap tap*

"Is this thing still on?"

"Can anyone hear me?"

(hears distant, far off cry in response)

"Yes? Yes! Can you hear me in the back there?"


Oh hai. Glad you're still here. Things have been a wee bit nutso around here this week. And aren't likely to get much better.

Slightly sad face, as our little Blue House on the roof has a big old "For Sale" sign on it. But as bigger and better things are afoot, we're not ones to dwell.

(I'll wax poetic about it before we go, I promise.)

In the mean time, we deal with showings upon showings, none of which we complain about (out loud,) as they all get us one step closer to our goal - to move forward and move on and to start anew.

And we cross our fingers and our toes and our anything else's, that this all works out the way (the way that we feel in our bones) that it's meant to work out.

If you have any spare fingers, or toes, or anything elses, won't you cross them for us too? We'd very much appreciate it if you did!

With love, from the Roof, Us


Gretel said...

Everything crossed for quick sale and on to the next thing...we love you!

StephLove said...

Good luck selling the house. The new one sounds really amazing.