Monday, May 07, 2012

A milestone

Today we went to check out Griffin's new school.  It's tiny, only about 35 kids in his grade...which is EXACTLY what we're looking for.  I have high hopes for this little beautiful building. You open the front door, and walk up a flight of wooden stairs that creak and groan under your feet, the same way they did under the hundreds upon thousands of tiny (and not so tiny) feet that have gone before you.  The building feels loved. 

I'm excited for the change this will bring!


Terri-Ann said...

We LOVE our small school. There are only 90 kids in the whole school, and between 8-14 kids in each class. I love that all the teachers know all the kids and all the parents. It really feels like a family.

Jayna @ Yankee Drawl said...

Oh that sounds like a wonderful school! Something I wish we could have for our kids!

Nanthan carter said...
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