Sunday, November 27, 2005

Amusement on a dreary day

While at Lee Valley yesterday, purchasing a super sexy Christmas Tree stand, we picked up the most fabulous CD - it's called A Toolbox Christmas. A man confused: does he follow his dream of being a musician, or get a job that actually pays his bills, in his case become a carpenter? Heck, why choose one over the other? This dude plays Christmas Carols in his shop - shop vacs, 2 by 4's, pipes, framing squares and (my favourite) a power nailer are just a few of the instruments in his orchestra. Accompanied by a few "traditional" instruments he does some pretty good stuff! I just hope ol' Woody (that's actually his name!) is wearing his safety glasses through all this, and not operating more than one piece of machinery at a time, which it sure sounds like he is! Never the less, this CD is providing me an incredible amount of amusement on this grey and somewhat dreary day!

(On a side note, Lawnmower Dave and his wife put up their Christmas lights today. I've been after Steve for weeks to get the lights up, but now theirs are up first. Again, incredibly jealous of Lawnmower Dave.)

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