Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Oh, the weather outside is frightful....

As is the fact that the only snow removal equipment that we currently own is 2 slightly flimsy shovels and a snow-eating dog. I think the dog may actually work quicker than the shovel!!

Ah, the saga of the Snow continues (and yet, it has hardly even begun!) First we suffer the humiliation and terror of the realities of purchasing “One of those cute little tractors.”
And now with the threat of the first large dump of snow looming, our pitiful substitute for the 2210 Tractor sits in a garage not too far from here, still in pieces. The SnowBlower. The “free” snowblower that is going to cost us at least $600.00 in repairs by the time it is returned to us (which, as you will note, will not likely be in time for the aforementioned large dump of snow.) I hope it works. I hope the years of neglect that it has suffered will be forgiven. I hope that the Snowblower thrives in it’s renewed state, and repays us over and over for rescuing it from certain death.

In the mean time, we’re stuck with the shovels. And a snow eating dog. AND, I forgot to mention, that Lawnmower Dave of course has a blower attachement for his 2210. So we get to watch him plow his driveway all pretty clean all winter long. And be very jealous of Lawnmower-Snowblower Dave. Again.

Ah, winter!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!

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