Friday, December 30, 2005

A Flurry of Activity (Pun absolutley intended)

Oh what an incredibly long time it's been since I've updated this wee journal! Life has been a flurry of activity for most of November, and certainly the remainder of December. Like nothing I have ever experienced before! It's one of those cases where the end justifies the madness - our wedding (the end) was worth every single second of madness that happened before it. It was full of adventure, hard work, and a whole pile of snow!

People got stuck our driveway more times than I can count in the days preceeding the wedding, luckily my brother and Steve were on hand to push (or pull, tug, generally use any method of force possible!) to (eventually) get all of them out. The one that made me giggle the most (and made the boys swear the most!) was the lovely lady who delivered our rental dishes - who I called and warned that our driveway was nothing but a massive snow drift, and she scoffed at me and said that she had 4 wheel drive and it wouldn't be a problem! Well, unfortunatly 4 wheel drive doesn't help too much when you accidently miss the curve in the driveway and accidently try to "off road". The boys spent a good 45 minutes trying to get them out!

We had all sorts of extravaganzas involving the driveway, our snowblower that doesn't like to start in the cold, and Floyd the neighbour (who can be bribed to plow the driveway by waving a case of Canadian at him from across the yard!) But at the end of the day we had a beautiful wedding, and a fantastic Christmas. Now we're in California, and I couldn't give a sweet goshdarn about what my driveway looks like right now!

More later if you're lucky, I'm off to the pool!!

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