Thursday, February 23, 2006


Steve says I make it sound like I'm the only one that ever plows the driveway around here. This is not true! Steve plows the driveway too, and when he doesn't he is either running the dog ragged (more work than plowing the driveway) or doing the dishes (often also more work than plowing the driveway) or working very hard somewhere else to pay the mortgage (most certainly more work than plowing the driveway!)

Plus, for all my ranting about the driveway, some days I really do enjoy it. (I also really do enjoy waking up to a frosty morning, where no snow has fallen throughout the night, and staying in bed an extra half hour instead of plowing the driveway!)

And if it's not one thing it's another - I'm sure by next fall we'll be begging for winter because we'll be so damn tired of cutting the flippin' grass!!

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kodeureum said...

Ah, the joys of home ownership! I'm saving them for my retirement, actually...