Saturday, February 25, 2006

Wind Power

The windmills are turning! Or at least one of them is! One of the girls from work said that she drove past and a few of them were spinning, so I went to check it out for myself, stupidly in the dead of night, only because I was on my way home and saw the pack of little red lights flashing from a distance and decided to investigate.

Each of them appears to have a little blinky red light, and if you're driving into them on a night as dark as tonight, you can't actually see the windmills themselves, so it looks like a few dozen UFO's hovering in midair or something. I drove down the centre path of them and stopped at my favourite (only because it's really close to the road and I got to touch the blades and yell at Tristan {in a playful way} through the stem of it before it all went together and up in the air) My favourite was turning! I rolled down the window to hear if it made any noise, and it did, but something so slight that I imagine if you wern't standing very close you wouldn't likely hear it. But it was a very powerful sound, kind of like a slow moving helicopter blade. It made me smile.

I can't wait until the whole whack of them (48 at present) get fired up. I want to stand in the middle of them all on a very quiet night like tonight and see what it feels and sounds like. Does that sound strange? I think it'll be amazing!

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kodeureum said...

Forty-eight windmills, if they're the same size as the one at Exhibition Place in Toronto, should generate a whole whack of power. Keep an eye out for Mr. Quixote when you return. :)