Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Muddy Season

More and more people have been telling us that they've been reading (and enjoying!) our blog. And so, I shall continue! You compliment, I write more - that's just the way it goes!

Here on the roof, we have entered the muddy season. Not that I'm convinced that the snowy season is over, mind you. I think this is a temporary foray into spring like weather just to get our hopes up. Our hopes will soon be dashed by a massive snowfall, or a deep freeze to end all deep freezes. Last year the worst snow storm they had all winter came at the end of April! We were up here too, looking at houses, and just about had to stay an extra night because our lovely hosts at the B&B didn't think we could make it out the driveway! They don't know diddley about driveways!

The snow has been slowly melting, revealing grass in some places, more snow in other places, and dog shit just about everywhere. When the cold weather arrived back in October, we started letting Dud wander out on his own to do his business, a trend that has continued through the winter. And now we pay! Bless my husband, he spent a good hour picking up 4 month old doggy-do the other day...I love that man! The driveway is now a mix of slush, ice and mud. Our snowblower is enjoying the rest, and when we're sure winter is over, he'll go in for a nice spa day (ie: tuneup) before being relegated to the rear corner of the shed to spend the warm summer days in peace.

In other news, baby Gretel/Isaac has yet to make an appearance. We had a false alarm on Wednesday night, alarm enough though that I drove into Toronto at 8pm, picked up Alexis (the other birthing buddy), picked up some essential birthing groceries (tylenol, gravol, milk, bananas and dill pickle chips, in case you were wondering) and drove like a madwoman over to Gretel and Isaac's, just to spend the night asleep on the couch with only the contented snores of Mama Gretel to keep me awake, rather than the throes of labor that I was so hoping for. But make no mistake, this baby will come, and when it does I will be there.

And now I must bid you adieu, for there is a spinach pizza on my counter hollering my name!!

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kodeureum said...

You reminded me of my all-time favourite Joe Walsh song, Ordinary Average Guy. "Every Saturday I work in the yard, I pick up the dog-doo and hope that it's hard." Let Steve know I have new-found respect for him, and am no longer jealous. By the way, my word verification for this comment was "eunryghr". Sounds like something Dudley might say...