Thursday, March 16, 2006

Return of the Husband

Finally, after three days of the wickedest wind, it's calm again. I thought it would never end. Somewhat disappointed by the windmills in that wicked wind though - they don't whip around nearly as fast as I thought they would. I kind of figured that if the wind was strong enough to nearly blow me over, those windmills would be turning pretty fast. There must be a maximum speed on them or something.

Steve returns home today, from a brief foray to Regina, Saskatchewan. I'm glad he's on his way home, I really dislike spending all this time by myself out here. I'm just not a solitary kind of person. He has really cut down on his touring this year, but it still must be done. A few more trips this year, one to Banff for 2 weeks (which I am joining him on for a long weekend!), as well as a wee trip to Ottawa I think. Next year we're going to take the opportunity of me being on Maternity Leave to do a little bit of traveling together - Daddy, Baby and the "Milk Truck" (he thinks that's a cute name for my future occupation, I find it less humorous!) All work related travel, but it looks like we'll be headed to Montreal, Ottawa maybe, possibly Florida, and hopefully...Vienna! THAT would be glorious!

There may be a baby Gretel/Isaac coming soon...she's been feeling "that way" again. Tristan has decided that his sibling should be named "Monkey Jump," and apparently was quite traumatized the other day when one of his buddies suggested that the baby may actually be named something other than "Monkey Jump" are priceless!

Off to take the puppy for his morning romp. Steve gets to do this next week, I'm tired of getting into my snowsuit before even taking a shower!

P.S. For Paul - the handblender experiment did work, but not nearly as well as I hoped...oh well!!

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