Saturday, March 18, 2006

Toliet Paper en mass

We went to Costco today...what a beautiful place! You can find all sorts of things that you had no idea you needed! And not only do you need it, you need mulitples of it! Like the garden gloves I bought - I need a pair of garden gloves (did you know you're not supposed to garden withough gloves when you're pregnant?? Neither did I.) Now not only do I own a new pair of garden gloves, I own 5 backup pairs of garen gloves. Hey, you never know when 5 pregnant ladies may show up at my door wanting to garden with me!

The secret to Costco is having the room to store the large quantities of stuff that you enivitably cart home. Being the proud owners of a home means having that luxury! In the old apartment that we lived in we barely had room for ourselves, let alone 46 rolls of toilet paper and 28 rolls of paper towels. Now we have so much room, sometime we don't remember where we put the mass quantites of toilet paper that we bought the last time around, and buy more.

Do boys use more toilet paper than girls? I wouldn't think so. But I've noticed when I'm home by myself, the toilet paper dissapears from the roll at a reasonably slugish pace. When there are two of us here, it flys off at lightening speed. Now I know I'm opening a can of worms as far as "shithead" comments go but seriously, is this a common phenomenon in all households or just ours?

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kodeureum said...

Wait until little britches comes along. I've discovered heaps of tp just lying on the floor, still casually atached to the almost empty roll. And keeping the extra rolls nearby the throne might just come in handy one day.