Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The event of the Season

Tomorrow night, the event of the season here On The Roof begins. Heck, it's the event of the whole damn year.

Fiddlefest is what makes us in Shelburne Famous - it's what's on the big "Welcome to Shelburne" sign as you drive into town (Which, incidentally have just been replaced with shiny new signs! Our tax dollars hard at work!)

"Welcome to Shelburne, Home of Fiddleville" or something like that.

OK, so we're pretty excited!

At least we don't live in Hensall, the "White Bean Capital of Ontario." How lame.

And then there's one of my favourites - Harriston I think it is - on their sign they claim to be "High, Healthy and Happy." Someone managed to sneak that one by Town Council.

"Dude, it means high like high up, like on the earth, like on the high part of the province, top of the hill, man."

Uh Huh, sure it does.

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