Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Quilty Goodness

I finally get to share with you, Internet, the froo-its of my lab-whours (fruits of my labours for those that don't speak whore) in the quilting department, cause the giftees have been gifted and now there is no more surprises!

So! Here's my Ma's's very "Home-made" - the first quilt I've ever done entirely by hand. This was a house warming prezzy, made almost entirely out of all my Dad's old shirts. It's warm and cuddly and slightly haphazard, but I like it a lot
And here's Baby Stoski's Quilt. Made from Preloved Jeans (which I collect, by the by, for occasions such as these!) Close up on the centre square (not Whoppie, but a rocket ship!) which I am particularly proud of. I have kind of started a quilty website to showcase all my Quilty Madness, but it's not quite ready for public viewing. Someday I'll finish it. But not today. Or tomorrow. Or Saturday. Especially not Saturday, because that's when WE'RE GOING TO FLORIDA!! 3 more sleeps, and we're outta here!

Steve left today for L'Ottawa, and Griffin and I meet Darren at the airport on Saturday, so he can come up here and spend time with the Xbox Dudley. I tried to get Darren to blog in my absence, but he's not the blogging type so y'all will just have to sit and miss me till I get back. Don't worry though, I'm not gone yet!!

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kodeureum said...

Perhaps I should post the photo of the rabbit-kangaroo stuffed animal I made for baby Ella out of my old (clean) boxer shorts and stuffed with my old (clean) socks.