Saturday, May 12, 2007

Home Sweet Home

So we're home sweet home, at last at last. We decided to stay another day in the woods to chill, and then today took the pretty way home, which turned into an 8 hour day in the car. It was enjoyable, but long.

Our time in Gananoque turned out to be most enjoyable, and a little bit lotta bit boozy. Why I expected any less from those folks I'll never know, but the pace at which these folks can drink is truly stunning. As well as their longevity. Hard Core! I enjoyed two good nights of partying, stumbling in at all kinds of stupid hours of the morning unsuitable for a parent of someone who wakes up at 8am.. The "compound" where we were staying is a bunch of ramshackle cabins on a beautiful piece of property on the St. Lawrence river. The proximity of the cabins to one another afforded us the luxury of putting the young sire to bed and then toddling off with the baby monitor in tow. Good idea, yes. Bad idea, also yes. Just because you CAN, doesn't mean you SHOULD. Drink that much I mean. I can't hack the pace anymore!

I love walking into our house after we've been away. It feels MASSIVE!

Things have sprouted here since we've been gone. The tulips are up, there's a bunch of stuff that has returned in the veggie garden (I didn't know that parsley is perennial, but I'm SO GLAD that it is!) And the grass, oh boy does the grass need to be cut. If we could figure out how to swap out the damn snowblower for the mower deck, I'd get right on cutting the grass!

We picked up the Dudler on the way home, who looked almost a little bit disappointed to see us. I think he's been just a wee bit spoiled at Joe and Louise's!

Tomorrow I have big plans of being served breakfast in bed, and very little else! Maybe someone will take pity on me on my very first mothers day and do all our holiday laundry. But I doubt it!

We have a TON of pictures to share...they're all on Steve's computer, and as soon as we get them off there and onto here, I'll inundate y'all with them!

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