Sunday, June 03, 2007

Outdoor Beautification Weekend

So we had a HUGE weekend this weekend. We called in the troops - our new friend Alan, plus Oma, Grandma and Grandpa. The only reason Paul got out of the work weekend is that Stacey is expecting a baby any day now. An excuse that's only good for so long!

So after the drywall insanity that we took on last summer, we decided to focus this years efforts on the outdoors. And, we decided to cram as much of it as we could into one weekend! We tilled, leveled, dug, planted, uprooted, cut, weeded, seeded, watered and drank our way through the past few days. And boy are we tired! But satisfied, oh so satisfied!!

I have yet to take a ton of pictures, because there is still more to do, but here is one before and after shot of an area that did reach completion. Before - May 2005, when we bought the house:
And now, with some spruce up, a new rock wall garden, some flowers, trees and shrubs, some new patio stones, and a little bit of style and class (not to mention two good looking blonds on the porch!) and here we are today:
What a fricking improvement!!!
Many thanks to Mom (Oma) for her superb weeding, raking, digging and baby tickling skills, to Bob (Grandpa) for his back-breaking patio stone laying work, and to Doris (Grandma) for her superb Griffin-sitting and sandwich making skills, and for the pie, which we forgot to eat, but I'm about to enjoy a slice of it right now! And to Steve, who made at least 5 trips to the dump, and carried the heavy heavy fence posts (to be seen in a picture soon) like a lumberjack from way back. And to Dudley for mostly behaving all weekend. And to Griffin, for being the angel he (mostly) always is, and smiling at us all to make us forget about those shooting pains going up our backs! And me, well I supervised. And took the brunt of the mosquito bites. It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it!

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