Sunday, November 04, 2007

Adventures in the Big City

Here's a little light reading for your Sunday morning - a little tale of last night's adventures.

Steve calls me at 9:00 - he's finished work in Toronto, and is on his way home - excellent. Steve walks to the car, gets in, and is confused as the pile of gas receipts is scattered all over the car...and he doesn't remember scattering anything before he got out. It's then that he notices the glass, and the fact that the passenger side window is GONE! Some brainiac smashed the window to smithereens, and then proceeded to rifle through the car. Passing by a toolbox, about 40 CD's, and other various car junk, they proceeded to leave with about 5 bucks in LOOSE CHANGE!!

So Steve calls the cops, and files a police report. The cops don't come out to see the car, because really, what's to see, but they are kind enough to tell Steve that "If he finds a dead body in the trunk, to call them back." Charming.

And then a call to CAA, because although it's POSSIBLE to drive a car with a smashed in window 80 minutes in close to freezing temperatures, it's certainly not going to go on my list of "Fun things to do on a Saturday Night."

11:30pm rolls around, I pull Griffin out of his crib, strap him into the car, and head into Orangeville to meet Steve. Here's one of the disadvantages to small town living - our dealership, where the car is being towed to, is a half hour away.

We pick up Steve, and throw some plastic over the window that I stole from a skid of windshield washer fluid at the gas station (because it didn't cross my mind to bring something to cover up the window until AFTER I left the house.) We arrive home. Griffin has slept through the entire transfer to the car, ride to and from Orangeville, and it is only upon our arrival home that he realizes something is amiss, and refuses to go calmly back to sleep in his crib. Goody.

This morning, Steve is up again at the crack of stupid to head back into the city - he left at 8:30am. Only it was actually 7:30am, because in the chaos of last night, we forgot that the clocks went back last night.

Incidentally, and I believe I have mentioned this before, babies (toddlers, children) don't GET Daylight Savings Time. Griffin was tired this morning after last nights adventures. His nap time is usually around 11 or 11:30, sometimes if we're busy he'll make it past lunch. Today he made it till 10:30. Which is actually now 9:30. Afternoon nap - 9:30am. Groovy. Try explaining that to him!

What was I saying earlier about a shit-storm on the brew? This wasn't quite what I had in mind...

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Misty said...

Oh my goodness... horrible. and what an idiot thief. seriously... (although your line about being up at the crack of stupid, really made my morning...)