Monday, November 05, 2007

Making Art

Another trek into the smelly city today, another tired tired Mama. But good tired, today I went out there and made art. Or Stage Managed art anyway. It's nice to be back out there in the theatre world. It took me a few moments to remember how to do it, but I'm back!

And now for today's obligatory post (this whole post once a day stuff is actually harder than I thought it would be, but I am enjoying it!)

NaBloPoMo has certainly brought more traffic here to The Roof. As a result, I too have ventured out further into the blogosphere and found more and more people that I want to keep reading about. Someone makes a comment, you head over to their site, like what you read, make a comment, check out their blogroll, go here and there, make another comment, and so the cycle continues! It's a ton of fun, and my list of faves is growing longer every day.

From someones blog (I can't even remember who now!) I also linked over to this yesterday - you'll see the badge over there in the sidebar. I think this is a WONDERFUL idea!! The more surfing I do, the more people I find out there crafting beautiful handmade things. As a result, I also have been sewing more and more, wishing to be one of those makers of beautiful things. I have been stewing in my head for a few weeks now about what sort of holiday gifties I can make for everyone on our list, and have come up with a little something for almost everyone who we normally shop for. I'm not saying that every single gift under the tree is going to be handmade, but my goal is to have quite a few of them. I encourage you to do the same - get out there and buy handmade! Or even better, buy local handmade! Our area of the world is teeming with artists, and we should be taking advantage of this whenever we can.

Thats it for me, I'm pooched.

Oh, one last thing - Griffin hit the 14 month mark yesterday - I wasn't sure I'd continue the monthly letters, and didn't do one last month, but now am reconsidering. Look for one in the next few days!

And for the very last thing - it was kind of half raining, half SNOWING tonight. Winter, she's a'commin!

OK, done.


Lara said...

Finding new blogs to read through nablopomo is really fun! I always love to find more Canadian bloggers!

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