Thursday, November 01, 2007

What have I got myself into!?

So I signed up for NaBloPoMo, and then immediately thought that maybe it wasn't such a smart idea, considering how much time I already spend at the computer. But then I thought, hell, maybe if I just spent QUALITY PRODUCTIVE time at the computer, I would get so much more done! Like last night, when I turned the damn thing OFF, and cleaned the entire living room, kitchen, and entry way...and I mean CLEAN!!

So this is my goal for November - keep to the NaBloPoMo rules and post once a day, do my work at the computer, and then walk away. I have a funny feeling that I just may get so much more done! There is a massive pile of sewing projects in the queue, some serious cleaning and organising that needs to get done, and I need to find time to start sneaking in some christmas decorations around here now that halloween is over...oh wait, I already did that...!

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Gretel said...

What the heck! Great idea - I joined up too! Let's keep each other honest...we can do it! Not totally sure I set it up right, though!