Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Where do they go?

So I have a question. Maybe you can help. Or maybe, just maybe, you have the same question too. In fact, I think you likely have the very same question as I do. Maybe together we can find an answer.

Here it is: Where do the socks go? The ones you put a pair of in the wash. The ones that only one sock comes out of the wash. Where do those missing socks go???

I have "Lonely sock" baskets, one that I keep in our bedroom, and one that I keep in the laundry room. Every now and then, I'll bring the two together in the same room, dim the lights, and let them loose, hoping that some will find their true, long lost mate. Sometimes it happens. Sometimes, out of the blue, that stripey sock that has been so lonely, so forlorn for so long will suddenly reconnect with it's mate. Where did the mate come from? Damned if I know!!

We've tried to combat the runaway sock problem by buying all of the same socks. Black. Utilitarian. From Costco, in BULK. But every now and then, my girly side comes through, and I get a hankering for a pair of socks that don't scream "I'm a 40 year old man!!" (No offence to my hubby, of course!) So I go and buy a pair of socks with flowers on them. And then a pair or 2 show up in my stocking. And then I need a few sporty pairs to go to the gym. And before you know it, we're back up to a full to the brim lonely sock jar, with nothing to show for it, except 20 pairs of bulk black socks.

Now, to top the sock emigration, we have wee socks in the house. They seem to be more apt to run away than any other species of sock we've ever seen. They run away in GROUPS! Seriously.

Is there a sock heaven I don't know about? Are your missing socks off frolicking with my missing socks in some sort of sock oasis somewhere? And what of the ones left behind - why should they be missing out on sock paradise? What did they ever do? I think it's time to start some sort of sock puppet revolution - all the lonely socks get to go on to bigger and better things - sock puppet fame!. Being a sock puppet has to be way cooler than some silly sock oasis in some unknown land, don't ya think?


Anonymous said...

I share your pain... I have discovered that some socks especially Peters like to hide under the agitator when I am emptying the load into the dryer only to be dicovered when I am searching for the missing socks. There is however a great solution to this dilema buy one of those mesh sealable laundry bags and load the socks in there when doing the wash.

Gretel said...

(re: previous comment) AAAAAAAAH - I can't even imagine having the time or presence of mind to separate the socks out to put in a mesh bag...If I had time for that, I'd choose to shower more than once a week, instead - or tend to some other neglected aspect of my life!
Seriously - the sock thing is totally out-of-hand. Try having 4 separate sizes of socks under one roof. We also tried the mono-sock thing - but I went a little stir crazy because Isaac stretches the socks larger than I like to wear and his big toenails always need to be trimmed, so he cuts holes in all his socks...I HAD to stop sharing! Also - Phelan loves to remove his tiny socks and leave them in opposite corners of the house. I've given up.