Thursday, March 06, 2008

Relax, Recharge

This past week has been a delight of relaxing, catching up with friends, and recharging my batteries.

On Monday, I chilled. We hung out here, together as an entire family for the first time in lord knows how long...well, for a few hours anyway, until Steve had to head into town. Family Hopkins Macdonnell stopped in for a little visit on their way to the big stink, and Griffin spent some quality time beating the crap out of Cam. Seriously...they came just after nap time, but nap time wasn't nearly long enough and G was punchy and cranky. Thus the beatings. They left...can't say I blame them!

Tuesday, despite the forecasts for impending doom, I headed into the city. Tuesday morning was the only crap part of my visit, as I sat and waited for 2 hours to meet Alexis for breakfast. Turns out I'm brain dead though, and we got our dates mixed up. Actually, we schmee, I got the dates mixed up. I had a delish smoked salmon omelet and a latte and that made me feel vindicated for the 2 hour wait!

Then, Kendra and I were off to the spa! Ladies, if you live in Toronto, you NEED to go here. For 35 bucks (Tuesday price. it's $45 regularly) you get to lounge in the salt pool, green tea bath, sauna or steam room, or on one of the sexy red leather loungers between soaks. Lovely ladies bring you a robe and some flip flops to toddle around in, you can order fancy healthy drinks, which they deliver to you poolside. You can sit and gab with your girls, or bring a book and read in the pool, while soaking your troubles (not to mention all the toxins in your body) away. Then when you're done, you can get dressed, and head to the fancy "salon room" where you can blow dry your hair, apply fancy all natural products to your face, skin and hair, and put some make up on should you desire. Nobody tugs on your pant leg, nobody tries to steal your hairspray off the counter, and you can take AS LONG AS YOU WANT to do it. Heaven I tell you, heaven!

Tuesday night we braved the weather and headed out for some drinks with Gretel...the show started to fall in buckets about mid nacho, but luckily Kendra's valiant hubby picked us upon his way home from work, and saved our perfectly detoxified selves from any transit nightmares.

After my uninterrupted sleep, I awoke Wednesday morning to squeals of delight of Kendra's little girl, the smell of BACON frying in the pan, and a kettle on the boil. I had to trudge out into the snow for a wee meeting that morning, but luckily spent the entire meeting holding the 5 month old baby of the woman I was meeting with, which made it worthwhile.

The off to the Stoskis for a visit with Sarah and the HIGHLY mobile Monsieur Dylan - a cutie patootie no doubt, who I swear will be running laps around his mother by the time the grass is showing!

Yesterday afternoon we had dinner with A-Train Churchill, and then came home to the lovely Melissa of Melissa and Randy fame - we stayed up watching movies (well, Steve and Melissa watched, I fell asleep on the couch.) We didn't get out of our PJ's till after 1pm today, only to head back into the basement to watch another movie.

All in all, I must say, it's been a heavenly few day!

Another part of the fun was that Kendra wants to get rid of her I offered to take it home and give it a test run. Steve frowned at me when I brought it home, and told me we couldn't afford extra expenses right now. I bowed my head in shame, I knew this, and resigned to give the camera back. UNTIL he came home with a $40 X-box download card...humph....we can't afford a camera at the RIDICULOUSLY low price Kendra is offering it to us at, but we can afford a download card??? I told him to stuff it, and I'd buy the camera myself out of my sewing money! It's nothing too fancy, but a damn sight better than what we have.

In fear of overwhelming you, I've condensed the masses of photos I took today to this little collage. Methinks me loves the camera! This is my favourite - straight out of the camera, not an edit to be seen. Not too hard to take great pictures when your subject is this adorable, but a good camera certainly doesn't hurt! Check out those eyes - this kid is going to break some serious hearts someday!
Dirty mouth and all, this is one good looking kid!

To top off the fantasticness that is this week, my mobile arrived in the mail yesterday, and I ADORE it! A post on that tomorrow, after I take some pictures. Also arriving, my MotherRoots business cards! Wahoo!

So that's it, my week in a nutshell. Pretty great, eh?


gretel said...

Judging by all the hyperlinks in this entry...methinks you are blessed with many bloggy!! Wow. Lookit us all go!

Jonny's Mommy said...

Wow...What a cutie pootie! Your baby is adorable and the camera is awesome! Love the shots and glad you got some much needed down time.

Jonny's Mommy said...

And how did you do the college? that is awesome! love it! I put some new ones up of Jonathan this week that I took with the work camera. I need a new camera so bad. I have one that works just fine though and we don't have extra money to spend either. Anyhoo...see ya' later.