Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Twins Are Coming!

I know, I know, you've all been sitting around, asking yourself "What about Jenn's brother's twins that were mentioned oh so long ago? Whatever happened to them?"

Well, I tell you, their debut is imminent - we've all been anxiously awaiting their arrival, some of us more anxiously than others. Stacey, my poor sister in law (the one who they've been kicking the shit out of for the past 8 months) is perhaps the most impatient. Especially since they chained her to the bed at her last checkup, 2 days ago. Yes, my poor sister-in-law has been admitted to the hospital, with 4 weeks to go, and put on bedrest, and let me tell you, she is none too impressed! Heck, I wouldn't be either. Being hellishly uncomfortable in your own bed in your own home is one thing, but being hellishly uncomfortable and chained to a super-dooper, very narrow, hellishly uncomfortable hospital bed, with no husband at your beck and call is just cruel punishment. I was out of the hospital a mere 12 hours after Griffin was born because I didn't want to spend another SECOND in the hospital bed. I swear they make those mattresses out of cardboard and the bones of the people that have died in them.

So, what's my point you may ask? The point is that my nieces and/or nephews (or one of each!) will be here soon, so stay tuned!!


Burgh Baby's Mom said...

People who are expecting twins are in for a special kind of crazy that I can't even imagine. Maybe the extended hospital stay will prepare her for that.

Or not.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Fingers are crossed! Hope all goes well. Speaking from experience, bed rest does suck. I had a month of it before my twins were born, but at least I had that bed rest at home. Wish her luck from me!

Sarah said...

She must be going nuts! At least she can catch up on some reading and tv? Plus the meals, well that must make it worthwhile!! hee hee

(my word verification kind of looks like oy vay)