Sunday, August 10, 2008

Happy Weekend

We are coming to the end of a perfectly perfect weekend. The toddler-free time has been most delightful, and we are very happy, hanging out in a very clean house, and very much looking forward to the return of our little hellion darling son tomorrow. There was some sleeping in, some drinking wine with friends till the wee hours last night, some serious chilling (I read 2/3 of a book!) and a few dinners out over the past few days, parked at various pubs enjoying beer and the Olympics (this is the only time I miss having a tv.) This is how we ended our night, as the sun set over the hills...too bad we had to end it with a low res cell phone camera, but you kinda had to be here anyway. Thank-you Grandma and Grandpa, for giving us this little gift!


Steve Lucas Design said...

Lawnmower Dave's house is the pot of gold!

Kater said...

Yay, congrats you guys! You inspire us all to have kid-free weekends! I've never gone more than a night without Young Cam, but I feel a weekend coming up!

Gretel said...

Glad you had a good weekend. The satisfaction that cleaning brings is well worth the sacrifice of some of that childless time - so nice to clean without swimming against the proverbial tide the whole time.

Child-free time is essential. We are currently without our 6 year old and dog - leaving only Mr. 2 year old and it's BLISS. I only have a toddler and life seems SO EASY! I'm loving it - but still imagining what a TRULY kid-free wkd would feel like!