Wednesday, September 10, 2008

No...please...not yet!

Do you know what I had to do this morning? DO YOU???

Well, I'm going to tell you and I promise you're NOT going to like it.

I had to fricking SCRAPE off the CAR this morning, because the entire windshield was encrusted in ICE!!

ICE people! Windshields encrusted in ice happen in the WINTER!!

Dudes, I am NOT ready for winter.

I know it's coming, but I'd like to live in denial for a wee bit longer. Except when I wake up to a windshield covered in ICE, I have a hard time with that denial.

I am now going out to check and see if all my tomatoes are still OK, if they too are in denial....or if I'm making mass quantities of tomato sauce tonight!

(Ice, dudes. Ice! Not cool.)


Regina said...

That's just wrong.
We are at 45F this morning -chilly but no ice.

Too early for this!!!

Lara said...

TOTALLY not cool. Indian summer will be here soon though - right?

anti-supermom said...

Seriously? Me being in Minnesota know that it could be a mere month until that happens here.

I was *so* shorted on summer, geesh.

Thanks for the blog visit~