Saturday, September 06, 2008

A trip to Huron County (AKA Mama's got her camera back!)

We took a little trip to the ol' Huron County today to go see Innocence Lost, Steve's show at the Blyth Festival. First, a little drive through windmill central, where they've recently added another 60 or so's AWESOME!
And then, onto Blyth

It's strange going back to Blyth. I spent a LOT of summers in Blyth, and my last summer there was the famous "Summer of Love," when I fell in love with my fabulous husband. I had a lovely little nostalgic moment, thinking of that summer as we drove into town.

But in the 4 years since I've been there, it's changed. I mean, of COURSE it has changed, things usually do that with time. The people are different, the place is different...I mean, there's BOOTHS in the Boot for goodness sake!
And then there's this...can anyone tell me what's wrong with this picture?? Not to mention in this sleepy little town, there are suddenly rock stars all over the place! Oh, wait. Nevermind....
It seemed like a place I hardly recognized, and I felt a little sad about the whole affair as we drove home. Blyth of my heart has changed. The faces are all strange, the places don't look familiar, and I didn't get the same warm gushy feeling that I remember having in that little town of summers past.

Then, I realized that it was stupid for me to feel sad, because in fact, I'm one of the luckiest ones who ever drove out of that little town. I get to take the warm lovely feeling home with me. I don't need the town to be the same, I don't need everything of summer's past to be there when I drive into town, because I get to sleep next to the one of the best memories that I'll ever have from Blyth - my husband. My other best memories of Blyth are still a part of my life. The Fab 4, Gretel and her family, the rest of my fellow victims of the Summer of Love, not to mention the countless friends I've made and kept from those summers. It's not really the place that matters so much, it's actually the people that were in that place. (OK, OK, the dollar draft nights MAY have had something to do with it too...not to mention something to do with all the free-flowing love that came out of it!) It's exactly why I don't care to go back to my highschool reunion, which is happening in a few weeks. Everyone that I WANT to keep in touch with, I still do. You can't go back...there's just no point! Forward, that's the way to go!Time certainly doesn't stand still, and things will always change. Seasons change, people change, it just can't be helped. Our little Summer of Love offspring is a primo example of that. But I'm so grateful that I had those summers, Blyth will always have a special place in my heart - a place where countless good memories were made. The wonderful thing is that Blyth or no Blyth, we can continue to make MORE of those moments that you never want to forget, and we do that every day. Don't need no Boot, don't need no dollar drafts, karaoke, or "special" brownies. Just need the love!


Burgh Baby said...

I'm SOOO glad you got your camera back! I have no idea what's wrong in the one photo, but I love each and every picture. Especially your Rock Star.

Jonny's Mommy said...

Isn't that the truth? Who needs the actual town to look the hold the memories that made it special.

So glad you got your camera back!

Did you get the rock star's autograph?

Gretel said...

Blyth is full of amazing memories for me, too...including meeting you and that great summer we lived in the trailer together when I was pregnant and you were getting this a public forum?

Can't believe how the Boot looks! Eeek! No scum? No rank beer?

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Can I get that guy's autograph? :)

I feel the same way about my home town in West Virginia and the college town where I spent four years of my young adult life. It's all about taking those memories with you.

Arras said...

Very cool post Jenn. It took me right back home to the H.C. and to the summer of love but I fail to recall these 'dollar drafts' of which you speak.