Saturday, January 31, 2009

Making my day!

On Wednesday I came home, after a 2 hour drive in the show, and feeling a little like yuck, but I was pleasantly surprised to find a big box waiting for me when I got home. It was my Apron Swap Package, and before I even had the thought to take photos WHILE I unwrapped it, I tore into it like a woman starved!


There was a whole whack of goodies - a tea towel, some muffin cups, a heart shaped baking tray (this was a valentines themed swap, in case you haven't guessed by now!) The sassy red spatula Steve scooped immediately. The fluffy pink socks I put on immediately. Ummm.....aloe infused socks? I had never heard of such a thing. But peeps? Consider me converted! These are the most comfortable socks EVER!

And of course there was chocolate. A lot more than actually made it to picture time!

To go along with the muffin cups, there was a FANTASTIC looking recipe for mini cheesecakes, which I was nice enough to photograph up close so y'all could make some too!Then, these ADORABLE quilted pot holders. Don't you just love them? And then, there is the apron. Can I tell you how completely and totally in love with this apron I am? It's double sided, and very similar to the Emmeline Apron, which I have been coveting for a LONG time! I totally LOVE it! My swap package came from Shannon in Utah, and she had stopped by our little home here on the interwebs, and seen the adorable little blond that hangs out here, and decided to make him an apron too!Griffin was SO excited that there was an apron for him as well, and set to work immediately in his kitchen. He prepared us the most elaborate meal ever, and then cried when I made him take it off at bed time. He also insisted on wearing it to daycare the next day! (Amazing how much cleaner a child's clothes are when he's been wearing an apron all day. Hmmm...I may be onto something here!)Thank you, thank you Shannon! You have made one little boy, and his Mama, very happy campers!!(Wanna see what I made for my partner? It's over here.)


gretel said...

What an awesome package that was! Better than a college care-package from mom!

gwauma said...

I'm soooooo glad you liked your apron. I had a lot of fun checking out your cute family on your blog and even more fun sewing aprons and putting it all together. Enjoy! Shannon

Leah said...

Jen, the apron that you made is amazing, the one you got was super nice, but the one that you made it AMAZING!