Sunday, February 01, 2009

...You Might Be A Redneck!

The first time I saw a man walking down the highway with a rifle, I was slightly taken aback, until I realized he was a hunter, out looking for something to shoot at.

Since then, we've seen all kinds of these good ol' boys - they park their trucks in stupid places, pick up truck after pick up truck, pulled barely off the road. They walk along the side of the road with their head-to-toe camo garb, guns in hand, and their fancy sonar thingamabobs pointed at the bush, so they know whether it's worthwhile to even venture into yonder. (Kinda takes the fun out of it, doncha think?)

Occasionally, we hear shots ring out from the bushes just south of us. (Actually, I think it's often Back-Door Doug, shooting at stuff. Lawnmower Dave gets the occasional groundhog too, god love him. Especially after that incident.)

And then, just when you thought you'd seen it all...yesterday I saw something I've never ever seen before.

A jeep, flying down the highway, with a big old dead dear (umm, that should be deer!) strapped to the roof rack! If that ain't country livin' I dunno what is!

"If you've ever driven down the highway, with a 12 point buck strapped to your roof rack..."


Sarah said...

You know that you live in the city when...

You have to google "12 point deer" just to make sure that you know what the country girl means.

Jonny's Mommy said...

Oh please, that is so normal around here. You haven't seen anything until a guy rips off a dirt road, whips out a gun and shoots at your cat in the field because he thought it was a groundhog. My dad loves when that happens because they are shooting on private property and think they can just randomly fire off in whatever direction they want.

Down here in good ole PA, USA, they are having a Coyote shoot. I didn't even know that was legal!

Shawnee said...

Just teasing you a little ... don't be embarrassed! I have to admit that at first I thought you meant a BEAR and I had this picture in my head ...!