Sunday, January 18, 2009

A very quilty weekend.

(Well, hello! Long time no see! I'll spare you the excuses, you've heard them all. Heck, you've probably USED them all! You know - working, sleeping, eating, the occasional (some may say a little TOO occasional) shower, etc etc etc. Lets just get on with it, shall we?)

So after a busy week, and a fun Friday night in the city with Kendra, I headed back here on Saturday morning. With NO plans on the horizon (that's right, not a ONE!) save for the company of my Ma for the weekend, I seized the opportunity to get quilty with it yesterday. Having an extra pair of hands in the house, and a 3 hour nap by Griffin made the day INCREDIBLY successful. This morning I scooched back downstairs for a bit, and polished 'er off. That's right - one quilt, complete, in less than 24 hours! Okay, okay, it's a baby quilt. It's small. SO???

The binding still needs to be stitched on, but I'm more in the mood to blog than sew right now. Plus, sewing binding is a very ritualistic thing for me, that always involves alcohol and trashy television (90210 is best) on my computer, while sitting in bed, and I'm not quite ready to crawl into bed yet, seeing as it's only 3 o'clock in the afternoon. (Often I am MORE than ready to hide my head under the covers by this time of day, but today, I'm not.)

Since the quilt is still in my living room, and hasn't been shipped off to it's recipients yet, I'm not going to show it to you here. However, if you're dying to see it, and your name is NOT Julia or Rafa, then you may click on this linky-poo to see it. If your name IS Julia or Rafa, NO CLICKING. Besides, you kids should be waaay to busy pushing out a baby to be surfing the net!

Since I remembered AFTER cutting about 1/2 of the little squares that I was going to strip piece the quilt (which, if you're not familiar with quilting, has less to do with quilting with no clothes on, and more to do with sewing with long strips of fabric and then cutting it all apart) I had a whole bunch of little squares of fabric leftover. I decided to take pity on someone I feel VERY VERY sorry for: Widdle Dude. Because the life of a Widdle Dude in our house? It's a hard knock life. It's a cold, cold life. Nobody plays with you, people push crackers and Lego around in your stroller before they even THINK of taking you for a ride!

So now at least Widdle Dude is warm, under a fancy new Widdle Dude sized quilt. Neglected still, but maybe a tiny bit less so. I'm thinking about making him a teddy bear next...poor little guy!

(P.S. Can I brag about some other brilliance for a second? Today, around nap time, Griffin and I had our customary weekend fight, that goes a little something like this: "ME NO WANNA LAY DOWN! NO NAP! NOT TIRED!" Rub eyes. Annnnnnd repeat. So then came the brilliance. We had lunch, and then proceeded to lay down on the couch with a pillow and a blanket and a show on the DVD player, not for "nap" time, but for "quiet time." Quiet time is what Griffin has the other 5 days a week, when he's not busy fighting me, at daycare. They snuggle up on and around the couch with pillows and blankets, and all fall asleep with some asinine blather highly educational programming coming from Treehouse TV in front of them. Dudes, it worked! I figured why not go with what works 5 days a week elsewhere? I'm surprised it took us this fricking long to figure that out. Now, if only we could figure out this night time business, we'd be laughing!)


Gretel said...

I was in bed at fact, I've been in bed since7pm last night. I'm not sure the last time I've been so sick. Sucks. Glad to see the fruits of a productive weekend! Nice quilts.

Carol @SheLives said...

Girl, you got you some serious quilt skilz! And I agree about binding...or anything tedious. Best done in front of mindless television with a bit of alcohol on the side.

Love that baby quilt!

Jonny's Mommy said...

I love Widdle Dude! I'm still looking for one for my Widdle Dude. Don't tell the huz, but I'm thinking of looking for a Cabbage Patch Doll if nothing else.

Love the "quiet time" idea. I'm going to try it.

Anonymous said...

how about finishing some other quilts?!?

Anonymous said...

I received the quilt - it's perfect! So everyone click away! My grandmother had a mandatory "rest and read" will all her grandchildren till we were about 13 years old. We were NEVER going to sleep and I don't remember a single day when I didn't. Brilliant!